Armored Security Shields

Ballistic Certification Tests

Computer test equipment

   Ballistic Resistance Tests were performed by
   H.P. White Laboratory, Inc.

Computer controlled testing guarantees precise evaluation and accurate,
reproducible results.

Photoelectric lumiline screens, combined with chronographs, were used to compute projectile velocities forward of the muzzle.

Upgraded Entry Control Point

   Test Range
   50' - Indoor

Gun mounts on shields

   Test Results

RED Labels:
NIJ-STD-0108.01 (Assembly)
Level IV
6 Rounds - .30-60 Armor piercing
2850fps @ 50ft

BLUE Labels:
UL-752 (Assembly)
Level 8
7 Rounds - 7.62mm M80 Ball
2950fps @ 15ft

   The following documents are available for viewing in PDF format

      H.P. White Laboratory Test Results         AR500 Steel Certificate

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