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Blast and Bullet Resistant

Guard Houses - Gate Houses

Blast resistant Guard House

Blast Resistant Guard Booths with ballistic protection levels ranging from
UL Level 1 to .50 Cal AP.

Structure blast ratings and ballistic ratings to meet any installation criteria.

Blast mitigation to 60 psi including Level C and Level D GSA, and any level required under UFC-4-010-010

Complete line of structures, booths, doors, and windows that meet forced entry requirements from 5 to 60 minutes.

Combined Threat Structures providing ballistic rating, blast resistance, and forced entry protection together, or in any combination.

Bullet Resistant Guard House

NSI offers solutions to meet the highest levels of physical security and force protection with products engineered, tested and manufactured to the rigorous physical security standards of ASTM, DoS, H.P. White, UL, NIJ, FEMA, DoD and GSA.

Blast resistant guard booth

Optional sizes, colors, and interior finishes are available.

All guard booths, guardhouses and combined threat structures are built to order.
Add additional windows, gun ports, lighting and other accessories to match intended use.
Specify security and protection levels required such as forced entry protection,
blast resistance or ballistic rating.

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Blast and Ballistic Rated Combined Threat StructureBlast Resistant Guard House

Combined Threat StructureBullet Resistant Gatehouse

Blast Resistant Guard Booth

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guardhouses and gatehouses

The NIJ and UL 752 ballistic rating charts have additional information
on ballistic rating levels.