Replacement Weapon Shields

C-Through Shield™  for the MK93 - MK26

Patent No. 7,243,590 "Protective Ballistic Weapons Stands and Transparent Shields Usable Therewith"

MK96 Weapon Shield

Upgrade your existing weapon shields to the latest patented technology, transparent weapon shields.

The peripheral vision provided by a clear weapon shield allows the operator to assess and act on multiple threats quickly, utilizing the weapon to it's full potential.

Current MK93 and MK26 weapon shields have changed little since WWII, designed primarily for protection from aerial attack.
An opaque weapon shield compromises the peripheral view and prevents the operator from assessing and dealing with the multiple threats most common on todays battlefield.

The C-Through Shield™ is a remarkable innovation, providing a transparent weapon shield with virtually the same protection, while allowing the operator or machine gunner to have a clearer view of the battlefield.

Gun mounts on shields


Simply remove the six bolts on your MK93 or MK26 and replace your outdated shield with the C-Through shield™.

Optional Accessories

Laminated camouflage that reduces glare and can be used to create one-way glass so the enemy cannot see the operator behind the shield. This camouflage can be printed in virtually any color to include standard camouflage patterns or be customized with your unit's logo.

If you do not currently have a shield we can provide you with the bracket to attach to your existing MK93 mounting holes.

Upgraded Entry Control Point Upgraded Entry Control Point

The C-Through Shield™ is adaptable to any mount currently using shields, or our Ballistic Weapons Stand.

If you are using our MASS Modular Armored Security Shields as an armored protective barrier you will need to integrate a Ballistic Weapon Stand to allow the weapon to traverse properly with the transparent shields installed.

The Ballistic Weapon Stand uses the same bolt pattern and modular design and is easily incorporated into your configuration.

To the right is a photo of an outdated tripod mount with opaque shields.

Compare that to the Ballistic Weapon Stand with C-Through™ shields offering the operator greater protection, better visibility, and quicker response to threats.

Visit our Photo Gallery to view full size images of the STS 'C-Through' weapon shields.

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Learn more about the Ballistic Rated Weapon Stands and Modular Armored Security Barriers.

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the most advanced transparent weapon shield available.

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