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Entry Control Points - Fighting Positions

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MASS - Modular Armored Shields

Patent No. 7,051,637 "Modular Armor Shield" 

Upgrade your existing Entry Control Points (ECP), machine gun emplacements and fighting positions from the concrete barriers, water-filled barrels or sandbags you're now using, to the patented STS armored security barriers. The latest technology in ballistic rated armor protection.

This armored shield barrier system is modular in design and can be arranged in any size or configuration required to meet your mission requirements or changing threat conditions.

Old entry control point
 Example of an outdated Entry Control Point

An upgraded ECP provides better visibility and protection for personnel, and can be easily reconfigured or relocated as your requirements change.
The modular design allows you to construct new security points of any size or shape from just two standard shield types, straight or corner.

Gun mounts and equipment hangers can be installed on any shield section, or relocated to another shield with just a single wrench.

Upgraded Entry Control Point
 Upgraded ECP using the STS armored barrier system.

Optional Accessories

Armored security shields can be provided with optional equipment hangers for body armor, helmets, ammunition, and ballistic blankets.

Any shield section can also include a weapon mounting point as illustrated.

Gun mounts on shieldsEquipment mounting on shields

   The advantages of MASS Armored Security Shields

* Modular design.
* Single wrench assembly.
* Custom built shelves for weapons, munitions and equipment, optional pintle mount adapters.
* Capable of mounting most weapons in the military inventory
* All connector seams have overlapping ballistic integrity.
* 20 degree angle and "smooth face" design diverts fragmentation down and away from personnel.
* Integrated Pad Eye for lifting with machinery.
* Each panel is man portable with the use of a dolly.
* Durable Powder Coat finish in virtually any color.
* Optional custom sizes and designs are available upon request.

Assembly Guide instruction manual for the STS Modular Armored Security Shields. Adobe Reader

   Armored Shield Specifications

* Manufactured in straight panels or 45-degree corner panels.
* Weight of each panel:
      45 degree ~ 236lbs.
      Straight ~ 262lbs.
* Approximate panel dimensions:
      Height ~ 46 "
      Width ~ 24"
      Depth ~ 18"
* 20-degree deflection angle for maximum personnel safety.
* Powder Coat finish to provide resistance to sun and saltwater breakdown.
* All surfaces are constructed of 3/8" or 1/2" AR500 (Abrasion Resistance Wear Plate ) 'Armor Plate'.
* All parts are CNC laser cut for precise fit.
* Interlocking Tab Construction. Eliminates the need for welds on critical armor plate that would change the steels temper and characteristics.

These shields have successfully defeated .50 caliber steel core ball ammunition fired from a M2HB Browning Machine Gun at a range of 100 meters.

   A steel certification document, tested sample of steel and test data can be provided upon request.