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Fixed Location Booths

Guard Booths,  Platform Booths,  Access Control Points (ACP)

Aluminum Guard Booth Platform Guard Booth

Fixed guard booths are designed for applications where a booth will be anchored in place, without the need for ease of relocation.

Booths are generally anchored to a level concrete pad or can be combined with one of our elevated platforms or towers.

Nationwide Structuresí fixed guard booths are custom engineered, and purpose built, to match each customer's unique needs. From a basic guard shack to provide personnel with shelter from the elements, to custom ACP (access control point) booths, the diversity of models and vast range of options combine to provide the perfect prefabricated building to satisfy any requirement.

ACP Access Control Booth ECP Entry Control Booth

Guard booths can ship complete with factory-plumbed restrooms for onsite connection to water and waste lines, or can be equipped with a factory wired Incinolet toilet for remote locations where water is not readily available.

Booths can be manufactured to meet ADA guidelines. Design flexibility allows for custom door locations and threshold height, providing an accessible route to meet on-site conditions.

Guard Shack

A basic clear anodized embossed aluminum booth is available where functionality is more of a concern than aesthetics.

The aluminum structures are less expensive than the steel booths and offer a five-year warranty against oxidation, which has made them the model of choice for coastal environments.

Aluminum guard booths can be constructed with a ballistic protection rating as high as UL752 Level 3.

Ballistic Rated Guard Booth

Steel booths and buildings offer limitless design options allowing the customer to select a functional structure while complementing the surrounding architecture.

Popular options include:

Ballistic protection
Custom roofs
Custom glazing
Custom signage
Traffic/Exterior Lighting
Climate control, including harsh and desert environment AC units
Custom electrical, including 50 HZ in lieu of standard 60HZ power
Custom exterior and interior finishes

Visit our Portable Booth page for information on trailer mounted, fork liftable, and other portable booth options.

See the Photo Gallery for more examples of both rated and unrated preassembled booths.

Additional booth information can be found under 'Help-Reference' on the menu bar.

Use the online Design Worksheet to design your own booth, or send us an email for assistance in selecting a model and options that best meets your specific application.