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Guard Booths NIJ IV

The "Stealth" Booth   

Bullet Resistant Guard Booth

NIJ IV "Stealth" Trailer-mounted Guard Booths are designed and fabricated specifically to meet threat conditions at high-security nuclear facilities.

This Guard Booth features:

1)  Custom flat-black paint and trailer.
2)  NIJ IV ballistic rated walls, glass, and door.
3)  Tinted fixed windows.
4)  Swing door with continuous hinge and closer.
5)  Custom NIJ IV uni-directional horizontal sliding gun ports.
6)  Crane lifting lugs.
7)  Forkliftable base frame.

"Stealth" Trailer-mounted Guard Booths are provided with a standard Electrical and Mechanical package that includes:

1)  Wall-mounted electric heat
2)  Roof-mount AC unit.
3)  Fluorescent Lighting
4)  120V Convienience Outlets
5)  Leveling Jacks
6)  Electric Brakes
7)  'Breakaway' safety brake for towing.

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NSI offers solutions to meet the highest levels of physical security and force protection with products engineered, tested and manufactured to the rigorous physical security standards of ASTM, DoS, H.P. White, UL, NIJ, FEMA, DoD and GSA.

All fixed and trailer-mounted guard booths are available in any ballistic level ranging from UL752 Level 1 through NIJ IV and in any paint color. All of our guard booths are built to order to incorporate any features required by your specific location and threat condition.

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The NIJ and UL 752 ballistic rating charts have additional information on ballistic rating levels for your reference.