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Mezzanine Systems

Towers - Storage Mezzanines - Elevated Offices  

Storage Mezzanines

Storage Mezzanines

Mezzanines allow you to economically increase your usable storage space by expanding "up" not "out".   Available in painted steel or galvanized construction for extreme durability and low maintenance when used in exterior applications. Designed and fabricated to match your seismic zone and load requirements, mezzaines are a truly economical way to increase the storage capacity of your plant or warehouse.

Office-Storage Combination

Office / Storage Combinations

Combine admin and storage in the same space !
Whether choosing to place storage on top, or underneath, the combination package allows you to make best use of available space. Combination units can later be converted very economically to a multi-story office to accomodate additional personnel as your business grows.

Two story Office

Multi-story Offices

Available in two or three story configurations, multi-level offices can provide double or triple the floor area of a single story unit in the same existing space. Available as a complete turn-key installation, offices include electrical package and HVAC, as well as many other options such as phone and LAN wiring, sprinkler and Fire Alarm.

Vision Tower Office

Vision Towers and Elevated Offices

Security towers, firing ranges, observation towers, or elevated offices, we have a mezzanine or tower to fit your application.

Options include stairs or caged ladder access, rails, gates and walkways.

Visit our Photo Gallery for more tower and platform photos.

All mezzaines, towers, and platforms are built to order.

Use our 'Quote Request' design worksheets to design your own mezzanine, tower or platform and receive a free no-obligation price quotation on your design!

If you would like assistance in choosing a product, have special needs, or just some questions regarding a product or application send us an email, we are here to help.

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