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Case Study - Harsh Environment A/C Units

Operates in temperatures in excess of 130F (54C)
All steel shell.
134A refrigerant sealed loop
Virtually maintenance free
Available in multiple voltages
Optional heater package available
18,000 or 30,000 BTU ratings

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New Product Announcement

Modular and Freestanding Tower (MAFT)

Ideal for remote locations and temporary observation posts.
No anchors, footing, or concrete pad required.
Supports any booth up to 12,000 pound NIJ IV

Reduces logistical burden when supporting missions and expeditionary operations.

Towers are rapidly deployable with modular components flat-packed for fast and easy assembly.

Hot-dipped galvanized finish.

Platform heights to 12' with two section 12' x 12' base. Taller platforms available with incrementally larger base.

Modular base sections are perforated for drainage, and hold sand/gravel ballast for increased stability.

All booths ship fully assembled.

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New Product Announcement

Blast Resistant Towers:

Permanent installation or expeditionary forces.
Can be specified with 10' modular sections and pre-cast foundation.

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Nationwide Structures unveils their newest desert and harsh environment roof-mount air conditioner.

Nationwide Structures, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of an 18,000 BTU harsh environment AC unit, designed to operate in desert environments where ambient temperature can reach 130 degrees F.

The new NSI 1800 complements our NSI 3000 30,000 BTU air conditioner originally introduced in July 2009 for effective cooling of smaller structures. The lower capacity units have been developed in direct response to requests from the military for an AC unit with the same rugged construction as the original but in a smaller size for utilization with our mobile, trailer-mounted Armored Gate Shacks (AGS) and smaller fixed booths.

Roof mount AC units are especially effective for use on our hardened guard booths where wall penetrations are not an option. The units are virtually maintenance free and are available in both 60 HZ and 50 HZ power.

Retrofit kits are available to convert existing booths with standard RV type roof mount AC units to the new harsh and desert environment units. Each kit is designed based on the roof opening dimensions and curbs as well as the electrical wiring in the existing booth(s).

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Nationwide Structures, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of a new high capacity roof mount A/C unit designed to provide climate control in hot environments for our complete line of guard booths, both fixed and trailer mounted styles.

Capable of providing air conditioning in ambient temperatures up to 130F (54C) we are now offering these A/C units as a separate item from our booths for use on tanks, ambulances and other small structures.

The units are virtually maintenance free, available in multiple voltages, and designed to operate in harsh desert environments with continuous high ambient temperatures.

Designed in direct response to concerns voiced by troops in the Middle East, experiencing failure of standard roof mount A/C units once the outdoor temperatures reached 115F. These A/C units can reliably provide a cool climate controlled environment in desert locations to help eliminate fatigue and maintain mental alertness.

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Magazine Ad

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The Nationwide Structures Company

Today's unstable geopolitical climate has obligated security experts to take a new approach in providing protection for personnel and key locations against both orthodox and unorthodox attacks.

Traditionally, security upgrades, modernizations, and facility hardening have suffered from an inherent "Western Bias" design, inadvertently creating holes in physical defenses, and increasing the potential for attack with catastrophic damage to facilities and loss of life. Military bases and checkpoints must utilize new design concepts, and the latest materials and methods to offer their personnel and operational buildings maximum protection against today's threats.

ATC Control Tower

Nationwide Structures, Inc. specializes in providing dynamic solutions that meet these constantly changing security challenges. Since 1986 the company has designed and implemented Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection/Security installations and upgrades for the U.S. Government, the defense industry, and to the Industrial community. Through this experience Nationwide has earned a prominent reputation and keen expertise that has enabled the company to form alliances with a select group of trading partners. Armed with the capabilities to offer complete turnkey security systems, from design concept to implementation, Nationwide delivers effective protection for critical assets in the most cost effective and time efficient manner.

Available Products range from NIJ IV certified modular ballistic weapon stands designed to accommodate any weapon currently in use worldwide to NIJ IV and 50 caliber bullet resistant booths with customized air conditioners designed to operate efficiently in the low or extremely high ambient temperatures around the world.

Ballistic Rated Weapon Stand NIJ 4 ballistic rated guard booth

Nationwide offers a single point of contact for design, engineering, and implementation of your access/entry control point, perimeter security, or facility protection solution, whether permanent or expeditionary.

Ballistic Rated Shield

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