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Worksheet for:  Guard Towers / Range Towers / Observation Platforms

Tower Specifications

Stair or Ladder

Tower Specifications

Enter dimensions for the towers platform or deck.

Specify finished height from ground to top of deck.

Siesmic Rating
We will use the zip code you provided above to determine your seismic zone, and wind rating.

If this will be installed in a different location please provide the zip code or geographic information in the "Comments" box above, so we may design for the correct zone.

Download mezzanine specifications and literature.

Learn more about mezzanine construction details.

Visit our structural mezzanine page for elevated offices, storage mezzanines and other applications.

Visit our Project Gallery for photos and information about a typical galvanized observation tower project.

The Photo Gallery has many full-sized images of storage mezzanine and tower applications.

Special Configurations

Drawings can be attached to this worksheet or emailed to Nationwide Structures. Hand drawn or printed sketches can be faxed to us at 757-464-2787.
Please include appropriate contact information with your drawing when faxing it.


If this is a tower application without a building, or if the building dimension is smaller than the platform with a walkspace around the exterior, then a guardrail is required.

Building Specifications

Intended Use
Booth Dimensions

Glazing Options
Climate Control
Electrical Package
Ballistic Rating
Additional Options
Projected Time Frame
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Building Specifications

If this is a "tower only" request you may skip over the building design portion.

Constructions Types
See additional information about model numbers, booth nomenclature and paint color charts.

Booth Dimensions

"Standard" sizes merely represent the more popular models, and are provided for ease of selection.
All booths are built to order and there is no additional charge for providing custom sizes.


All booths include one door as standard.
Please indicate the type of door you prefer.

Enter a quantity for any additional doors required.

Electrical Package

All booths come pre-wired with a standard electrical package, just connect the electrical service:
One - 100 amp loadcenter
One - 115V duplex outlet
One - 230V power outlet
Fluorescent Light Fixture(s)

Enter a quantity for any additional items required.

Ballistic Rating

Standard booths are unrated.

If you require bullet resistance please indicate the UL752 or National Institute of Justice (NIJ) rating level.

See our Ballistic Charts for more info on rating levels.

Note: A Ballistic rating applies to walls, doors and glazing.

Note that some glazing and door options will not be available on a ballistic rated booth.

Additional Options

Satellite glazing provides "glass to glass" corners for better visibility and asthetics.

Radius corners and Round End booths are only available in Durasteel models

Visit our Photo Gallery for pictures of these and many other booth options that are available.

Built To Order

All towers and prefabricated booths are built to order, based on your specific requirements.

When you place an order you will receive approval drawings for your review prior to fabrication.

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