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Guard Shack

Nationwide Structures, Inc. (NSI)
is a leading supplier of premium quality prefabricated guard booths and buildings, for both military and commercial use.

While still providing the standard unrated buildings offered since 1986, new innovative design solutions have expanded the product line to include higher ballistic rated booths and buildings.

NSI’s ballistic rated NIJ IV AGS Assemblies are currently being utilized by U.S. Military units in remote areas around the world.

Security booth with AC unit

All booths are custom engineered and available in any style or ballistic rating required to meet the individual customer’s needs for ballistic protection, mobility, and environmental conditions.

The recently introduced NSI3000 heavy duty harsh environment AC unit, engineered to meet the climate conditions of the Middle East, is now available as a replacement for the standard “RV” type units that have consistently failed in the extreme temperatures of the region.

Aluminum Security Booth

With a vast variety of sizes and finishes, ranging from maintenance-free all anodized aluminum construction to armored steel buildings you’ll find a model suited for any environmental extreme or force protection level.

Anodized aluminum booths are available with ballistic rating up to and including UL752 Level 3, and steel high security booths are rated as high as NIJ IV.

Steel buildings are also available in 50 caliber, and blast resistant ratings as well.

Forkliftable Security Booth

All guard booths and buildings ship fully assembled and factory wired.

Booths can be “fixed” units secured to a concrete pad, platform, or tower and connected to a power source. Portable units can include features providing for ease of transport or relocation. Standard portability options include forklift pockets in the base frame or heavy duty trailers, custom designed for a specific booths dimensions and weight, where rapid deployment may be critical.

Booths can also ship factory mounted to custom platforms with lifting rings and generators for situations requiring a unit be airlifted to the front line.
All portable booths include an exterior power inlet or cord for connection to local power or a generator.

Brick Security Booth

Guard booths are available with an extensive choice of options to meet specific needs.

Popular options include:
Ballistic protection
Custom roofs
Custom glazing
Transaction windows and drawers
Portability features
Climate control, including harsh and desert environment AC units
Firing positions and gun ports
Custom electrical including 50Hz, in lieu of standard 60Hz power
Generators can be specified as either gas, diesel, or multi-fueled
Multi-fuel generators can utilize diesel, bio-diesel, JP4 or JP8 fuel

Visit the fixed location or portable booth pages for more information

See the Photo Gallery for more images of both rated and unrated preassembled booths.

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Use the online Design Worksheet to design your own booth, or send us an email for assistance in selecting a model and options that best meets your specific application.