C-Through ™  Weapon Shields

Mobile Platform Applications

Weapon Shield

Upgrade your existing weapon shields to the latest transparent shields from STS, or add weapon shields to your existing mounts that do not currently have shields.

The advantage of a clear weapon shield is even
more apparent in mobile applications, where not only the target but the weapon platform itself may be in motion.

The clear peripheral vision provided allows for quicker recognition and response to threats, and increased accuracy. The gunner never loses sight of the target as is common when using opaque shields on rapidly moving platforms.

The C-Through Shield™ is a remarkable innovation, enhancing both safety and effiency in a single upgrade.

A transparent weapon shield provides virtually the same protection as an opaque shield, while allowing the operator or machine gunner to have a much clearer view of the battlefield and surroundings.

HMMWV  -  M1043  and  M1044  Armament  Carrier  variants

Gun mounts on shields

Typical M1043 Armament Carrier series, showing weapon mounts with and without protective shields.

Transparent Weapon Shield and MRAD Weapon Shield Mounts

Weapon Shield Advantages

A typical unshielded weapon mount as seen on the left provides no protection for the machingunner or operator.

Worse than that, he is not only exposed but exposed while in an elevated position, increasing the vulnerability to small arms fire. This is especially true when dealing with a group of unknowns, and the possiblity of a rapid escalation into multiple threats from diverse directions.

Weapon Shield

The C-Through Shield™ is adaptable to any mount currently using shields. We can provide mounting brackets for weapons that do not currently have shields, allowing you to upgrade your existing equipment to include the latest technology for personal protection and weapon efficiency.

Visit our Photo Gallery to view additional full size images of 'C-Through' weapon shields in HMMWV applications.

River  Boat -  Patrol  Boat -  Attack  Boat -  Special OPs  Support  Vessels

Patrol Boat Weapon Shield Transparent weapon shields are well suited to waterborne platforms, especially for small craft due to the rolling, pitching and instability caused by swells, chop and craft movement.

The operator can stay down behind the shield and maintain constant sight on a potential target without constantly having to track the weapon, as with opaque shields which periodically block their view as the craft pitches and rolls on approach.

This upgrade is applicable to any size craft utilizing heavy machine guns mounted in fixed positions.

Transparent Weapon Shield and MRAD Weapon Shield Mounts

Visit our Photo Gallery to see images of 'C-Through' weapon shields in Patrol and Riverboat applications.

The Weapon Shields Gallery section contains many additional images of typical shipboard applications,
as used on existing tripod mounts or in combination with our Ballistic Rated Weapons Stands.

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