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Guard Towers and Platforms

Guard Towers, Observation Platforms, Range Towers

Observation Platform

Nationwide Structures, Inc. (NSI) is a leading supplier of custom towers and platforms for military and private sector applications.

All towers are engineered and fabricated in accordance with the IBC (International Building Code) to meet the specific wind and seismic requirements of the project location.

Structural members and tower components (handrails, stairs, bracing, platform) are fabricated, then painted or galvanized, and ship with detailed instructions for ease of assembly. All hardware and fasteners are included for field assembly on site.

All structural members and tower components bolt together and no cutting or field welding is required for assembly.

Whether the tower is for military observation on a training range or as a vision or guard tower for perimeter security, where an elevated line of sight is required to protect critical assets, the tower can be designed to meet any need or situation.

Towers and platforms can be purchased individually or combined as a package unit to include a prefabricated guard booth, armored shields, generator, and other options.

Tower options can include:

  Painted finish or hot dip galvanized
  Prime or standby generator power
  Ballistic rated guard booth
  Armored security shields
  Ballistic rated weapon stands
  Lightning protection kits

Towers are available in any height and can include straight, wrap-around or u-shape stair and landing structures.

Two story platforms are available providing a top deck for an air traffic control or range tower booth, with a second observation platform below.

One popular NSI tower package utilizes an NIJ IV ballistic rated security booth along with one or more NIJ IV ballistic weapon stands to provide needed force protection, and combined with a prime power multi-fuel generator. This packaged combination is currently in use by U.S. military forces around the world.

Typical tower applications include:

  Guard Towers
  Air Traffic Control (ATC) Towers
  Firing Range and Training Area Towers
  Entry Control Point Overwatch Platforms
  Observation Platforms
  Fire Watch Towers

Visit the Photo Gallery for more examples of Guard towers, ATC towers, and Observation platforms.

See our guard booth page for more information on both ballistic rated and unrated booths.

Use the online Design Worksheet to design your own tower, or send us an email for assistance in selecting a tower or platform, and the options that best meet your specific application.