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Vehicle Barrier Systems

Access Control and Perimeter Security

NSI Vehicle Access Control Products

Nationwide Structures offers a diverse line of products providing many cost effective means for controlling vehicle access.

Ranging from simple Drop Arm Gates for access control, to net based automatic energy absorbing systems that can be used for multiple lane access points or daisy-chained together for perimeter security around large areas such as runways, warehousing, docks, manufacturing, or other facilities.

Kit Based Vehicle Barriers (KBVB) are designed for quick setup, teardown, and re-location providing a truly portable solution for temporary entry control needs. KBVB's utilize on site concrete Jersey barries for ballast, only requiring that the gate assembley (single pallet) be re-located when establishing or relocating an access control point.

KBVB - Kit based vehicle barriers

Drop Arm Gate

Suitable for temporary or permanent installation.
Pre-assembled components pack on a single pallet for easy transport, re-location, and setup.
Single person operation, gate can swing horizontally or raise vertically.
Spans up to 30' for multiple lanes.
Little or no maintenance.
Aesthetic covers are available.
Certified ASTM M50 Rating. Will stop a 15,000lb vehicle at 52mph.

Available in a Kit Based Vehicle Barrier (KBVB) package.

See our online Drop Arm Gate Brochure (pdf) or email us for additional information.

Shallow mount vehicle bollards

Shallow Mount Bollards

Foundations are only 12" deep, allowing installation over underground utilties.
Bollard system is modular, no field welding or bolted conections.
Requires minimal excavation and concrete resulting in a truly cost effective installation.
Designed to accomodate grade elevation changes and turns to suit any field conditions.
Complies with ADA handicap codes regarding clear space between bollards.
Cosmetic bollard covers are available as an option.
Rated to ASTM M50, a single bollard will stop a 15,000lb vehicle at 52mph.

See our online Shallow Mount Bollard Brochure (pdf) or email us for additional information.

quick connect vehicle barrier

Quick Connect Barrier

Easy to connect or disconnect, single person operation.
Open or close entry control points (ECP) in about 3 minutes.
Spans up to 50' (4 traffic lanes).
All weather use, little or no maintenance.
Barrier cable stores on site when not in use.
Aesthetic covers are available.
Rated to ASTM P40 equivalent, stops a 6,000lb vehicle at 40mph. Higher ratings are available.

See our online Quick Connect Barrier Brochure (pdf) or email us for additional information.

Arrestor Barrier

Net based, energy absorbing, active vehicle barrier.
Net is contained in flush below-pavement trap when in lowered position.
Two second deployment of net when activated. Stops vehicles traveling in either direction.
Backup powered, barrier remains in operation during power outage.
Barrier is energy absorbing, reducing risk of injury to vehicle occupants.
Safety devices, signals, alrams, cameras, warning lights, overspeed detection, and
    wrong way detection are provided.
Rated to ASTM M50 and DoS K12, will stop a 15,000lb vehicle at 50+mph.

See our online Arrestor Barrier Brochure (pdf) or email us for additional information.