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Ballistic Weapon Stands

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Ballistic Rated Weapon Mounts

      Patent No. 7,243,590 "Protective Ballistic Weapons Stands and Transparent Shields Usable Therewith"

Utilizing the same patented technology as the Modular Armored Security Shields this weapon mount system allows you to easily upgrade from outdated WWII technology to a modern innovation in true ballistic integrity.

The Ballistic Weapons Stand, materials and assembly have received a NIJ Level IV and UL Level 8 ballistic rating, and are constructed with the same OBI™ (Overlapping Ballistic Integrity) and ITC™ (Interlocking Tab Construction) as the Modular Armored Security Shield System (MASS).

The Ballistic Weapons Stand interfaces with all modern military weapons mounts and allows free movement of the M2HB and MK19 weapon systems.

With the MK93 gun mount and the appropriate ammunition can holders you can mount:
   MK19 Mod 3 Grenade Launcher
   M240 7.62 mm Machine Gun
   M60 (MK43 Mod1) Machine Gun series
   M2HB .50 Cal Machine Gun
( If your M2HB currently use a MK26 soft mount you will require the MK93 M2 adapter to replace the MK26 trigger mechanism.)

MK96 Weapon Stands


The system is simple to install. Just unbolt your existing MK16 tripod and bolt the Ballistic Rated Weapons Stand in it's place.

This allows for fast and easy upgrades to the existing and outdated MK16 MOD 8 tri-pod systems or Kevlar panels currently aboard Navy ships, or any land-based platform utilizing the MK16 tripod.

Regardless if your tri-pods are mounted correctly or reversed we have a footprint that will allow the correct use of your travel lock system.


Eliminates the need for Kevlar panels that could hamper weapon movement and must be stowed for transit.

True ballistic protection.

Install as an armored stand-alone gun mount for any fighting position or Entry Control Point (ECP).

MK96 Weapon Stand

When integrated with the modular armored security shields you can configure any fighting postion or entry control point to match your specific needs.

Create multiple configurations of ballistic protection with a stable machine gun platform or use it only as a ballistic guard barrier to protect your Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen and Marines.

Combined with the C-Through™ weapon shields it will assist the operator in providing pinpoint accuracy with their weapon system, and the modern capability to protect from pier side, seaward, or aerial attack.

Shipboard Ballistic Weapon Mount

Shipboard Ballistic Weapon Mount

Visit our Photo Gallery to view more full size images and additional conceptual drawings
depicting typical applications for the Ballistic Rated Weapon Stands.

See more information on testing completed for NIJ Level IV, and UL Level 8 certification.

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armored protective barrier system in use today.